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Preventative Maintenance

Commercial Equipment Preventative Maintenance


Most equipment suppliers may void the parts-and-labour warranty if the equipment has not been properly maintained. We are here to help you keep your equipment in the best working condition possible so that all factory standards are met. A typical preventative maintenance visit would include the following:


  • Check & clean filters (if the replacement is not required)
  • Check for leakage
  • Check amp draws
  • Check switches, fans, valves and etc.
  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Audio/visual inspection of all equipment
  • Temperature testing.
  • Check Seals/Hinges
  • Testing Of Burners/Elements
  • Check for correct operation

What makes us different from the competition? Commercial Kitchen Victoria offers a customised program of preventative maintenance for your specific equipment. We have a variety of schedules and maintenance options tailored to meet your company’s needs. 3, 6 & 12 mark schedules are offered at affordable prices.

Why is Preventative Maintenance Important?

Many service calls are the result of inadequate maintenance. Regular maintenance of equipment lowers the incidence of service emergencies. While we cannot guarantee you will never need another service call, we can perform this service, which can increase the functionality of equipment and the life of the unit it also increases the reliability of the machine.

In addition to cleaning and maintaining your equipment, our certified technicians will also make a note of the condition of the equipment and make any recommendations accordingly. Our assessment also includes noting any other problems, which may pose safety problems, such as uneven flooring, or inadequate equipment surrounding conditions, We will also quote any repairs not covered by the regular maintenance plan. For a free quote, preventative maintenance on your kitchen equipment calls 0450734826.

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